Best Carpet Stores on the North Coast


Nov 1, 2007
Can anyone recommend any good carpet stores on the North Coast of the DR? I am looking for a good quality 8'x8' cream color shag rug.


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Jun 25, 2019
I have rugs everywhere, they make an apartment far more cosy than simply having tiled floors. I also use a lot of laminate floors as well as tiles, I like the feeling of something other than tiles on my feet.

I think there are some carpet shops in Santo Domingo - there's one opposite the big Nacional on Lincoln where it joins the 27th February. I don't think you're going to find something like this easily on the north coast, I would suggest you google companies in Santo Domingo, most will at least have a whatsapp and be able to show you what they have. Rugs are quite expensive, probably RD$ 20,000 each, so it's worth a trip to the capital to investigate once you have identified which suppliers you're interested in.