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Criss Colon

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Jan 2, 2002
As was predicted with great collective certainty here, when Leonel broke off the FMI monitery accord negotiations,in a phony,self-proclamed attempt to help the DR's "Pueblo",Danilo is once again collaborating with the IMF to mortgage the future of the DR!
As you may remember,The IMF demanded that the DR raise electricity rates,18 %.
Leonel broke off negotiations (For Election advantages)proclaiming that he could NEVER allow the people of the DR to pay that increase.(Wanna Bet? Just Wait!)
This was a pre-election ploy,by both sides,(the IMF,AND the DR) to make Leonel look like he actually cared about the people in the DR.
Now,there is 500 million US dollars,still in the IMF pipeline for the DR.
If you think that any president of the DR is not going to get their hands on that 500 million, you must believe that all of PEEchardo's Googled "pretty pictures" depict everyday life here.
Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo,I say the accord with the IMF will be on again before
The DR will use whats left of the money, after the "Politicos" have at it,to pay down their international dept,only delaying the enevitable,economic collapse.
You heard it here,on DR1,FIRST!
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