Best Surf school/rental in Cabarete



Heya all,

I?m spending the xmas weekend with my girlfriend in Cabarete to go windsurfing. (gotta get out of Santo Domingo sometimes! :) )

My question is, who can recommend me a good windsurf school that has good material and reasonable rates to rent for 2-3 days?
And some good classes for a beginner and for an advanced surfer.

Any advice is appreciated!



John Calendar

Hola Marco,

Let me know what you discover. I'm going to be in Cabarete starting Jan6, and want to surf and boogieboard. Thanks



GRRRR there was NO wind :(

Hmm.. I?m back from Cabarete... it was good!
My girlfriend had her first surf-lessons, which was nice.

I myself only surfed one hour. After that the wind died and did
not come back for the rest of the weekend. :( :(

I found that there are several nice surf-clubs on the beach.
Prices don?t vary very much among the schools. An indication is:

rental: $20 for one hour, $40 for 3 hours and $50 for the whole day.

lessons: $50 for a beginners-class (several hours)
$50-$80 for advanced lessons, depending on the lenght of the lesson and the subject you are interested in learning.

All clubs have top notch gear. I myself surfed with the equipment from the Vela surf-school. They have F2,Mistral and some other nice boards in stock and use Neil Pryde sails that
seem to be in great condition.

Besides this one, there is a Fanatic center, a Club Mistral, a Bic centre and Club Nathalie Simon. I guess it doesn?t really
matter where you go. All speak several languages and have excellent boards and sails.

You?ll have fun, I?m sure! (if you have more wind than I did!)