Boat/ETC Question


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Sep 4, 2003
Tho' I've just registered, I've been reading DR1 posts for some time now and am most impressed by folks' knowledge and willingness to share. Anyhow, can't seem to find any info on boats and hope you can assist. First, is there a good marina and if so how to contact? Liveaboard possible...or pie-in-sky dumb?

If buying a place should one bring, say, a 20' container with hard/expensive-to-get items from States?

Note in one thread that building materials like cement and rebar recently have steeply risen. I've got a bit of experience in West Africa with a low-cost machine called a "Cinva" ram - makes stabilized compressed earth blocks [CEB] at a fraction price of regular cement building blocks - so the matter of cheap labor is a distinct advantage/consideration. Anyone know about local building codes? CEB is popular in the US SouthWest/West, but cost of labor means only a few upscale types in places like Santa Fe can afford it. [No, I wouldn't do the building myself, but rather would take on a local contractor.]

Just exploring the various options at the moment. DR certainly looks like a great candidate for a second place/home, and hope to visit sometime this fall.

Thanks in advance, Bill


Jan 1, 2002
The only place that might be considered a live aboard marina is on the south coast and is very expensive. People buy their slips, and there is a waiting list.

People are living aboard at Luperon and Samana on the north coast, but at anchor. My wife and I lived aboard in Samana for about 12 years.


Jan 1, 2002
Cinva-ram construction

I have built a school using that technique, but that was nearly 40 years ago. Cement blocks are more efficient and a better time versus work investment.

There are tons of threads on boats and the pros-a few and cons- a lot it seems.

I don't know. I have friends with nice little sailing craft, sunfish and Dutchmen for example and there is an operation that has 17 outboards that run people up and down the coast. But I know zilch about costs.

Ken is an encyclopedia of info on boats, living and harbor masters.. There have been some improvements, so I hear...

As for building a house, there are tons of threads on that too.

Good luck and let us know what you decide to do..