Cancelling a Edenorte contract


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Mar 9, 2005
I had an empty apartment that had been sold that had an Edenorte electrical contract in my name. I decided to cancel the contract and get my deposit back.

I went in Tuesday and had to sign a ?reclamaci?n? form. I was told they would send some one to read the meter and after I paid the outstanding bill I would get my deposit back. This took 10 minutes after a 40 minute wait for my turn to see a clerk. No real problem. I was told to come back Friday for my deposit.

Friday morning I returned and after only a 10 minute wait I got to see a clerk. She brought the outstanding bill of 18.24 pesos. I paid that at a cashier and returned to her. After she made about 10 pages of copies she told me the computer was down and I?d have to return later. I ask if maybe it would be up shortly and I just wait here. She shrugged and said ?quiz?s? perhaps. After about 40 minutes I gave up and left.

I had asked what time they closed and was told 7pm. Good I?ll drop in on my way to the supermarket. I?ll shorten this up a bit now just to save you the exasperation I felt. The long and short of it is: I had to sign my name on 12 of the 18 sheets of paper and this took 45 minutes before I got my deposit back. During the day the contract had incurred another 4 pesos which I had to pay as well before I got my 1,500 pesos back.

One good thing I can add is there was no line up and I got to sit down to complete the ?simple? cancellation right away at 6:15 in the evening.


Feb 9, 2012
well at least you got your deposit back. A friend went to do the same thing and was told that there was a disconnection fee and didn't get the deposit back.


Jan 21, 2006
perfectly normal for the DR. Dominicans love official looking stamps and seals on documents and just love to make lots of copies. Amazing thing is that you got any money back. Most do not.