Cap Cana - Outstanding!


Stay Frosty!
Jan 2, 1999
I haven't been to Cap Cana for a while, but travelled today with a client that is looking to purchase. It was good to see first hand their level of expertise and how they handle prospective buyers. I was very impressed, the experience was 1st class and very professional from start to finish.
Light years ahead of any other development I have visited in the DR and I have been to all of them.

This is going to be the ultimate destination in the Caribbean.
It's still very affordable compared to many other Caribbean destinations.

The only problem is inventory or lack of it. Everything new sells super fast, even the US$1-2.5 million plus homesites, villas etc.

It's not cheap and those that invested 1-3 years ago are making a killing on re-sales right now, some 100% profit due to the demand.

My client was very impressed and he has homes all over the planet.
He considered Cap Cana to be a great investment and will hopefully will be adding a Cap Cana home to his list.

If anyone wants anymore details, email or PM me.