Cemento Cibao Social Compromise 2023


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Jan 20, 2003
The January 15, 2024 Listín Diario had this regarding Cementos Cibao, which is based in Santiago abd is one of the oldest Dominican cement companies. It isn't just about making bucks.


They have 3 QR codes that activate if you turn on the camera in your cellphone and place the phone over the QR's as if you're about to take a photo of them. Then click on the link that pops up on the screen.


- 199 donted sports and cultural uniforms.
- 2,630 cement bags donated for the Piso Digno program (exchanging the dirt floors of the poorest homes to cement floors.) Benefit more than 69 families.
- 7,800 cement bags donated for infraestructural improvements.
- 785 people benefit from health operations and programs (basically, the company paid for their medical check ups, etc.)
- 140 kids benefit from painting and music classes.
- 75 people benefit from classes and workshops.
- 95,640 plants of 29 species were planted.
- 1,073,340 m2 were reforested.
- 3,600 daily breakfasts in 17 public schools in Puñal, Guayabal and Baitoa (municipalities in Santiago.)
- 2,500 christmas baskets and presents given in the area around their headquarters in Santiago.

They have been doing this now for 60 years.
This is the only cement company where 100% of its capital comes from Dominican investors, every other cement companies is a combination of local and foreign investors.

Cementos Cibao also pays for some of the Christmas decoration around the Monumento in Santiago. That's why they often have the company's logo.