"Cheap" Place to stay near Punta Cana?




I'm on a cheap charter flight to Punta Cana, arriving in early evening on Sat, Dec. 30.

I'm on close to a backpacker budget. I know Punta Cana is expensive compared to the rest of DR, but I'd really like to find a somewhat cheaper place to stay in the Punta Cana area within reasonable walking distance to a beach for the first couple of nights I'm in the DR.

Any suggestions? If not, where should I go? How far can I get away from Punta Cana by public transport on a Saturday night?

Thanks for any help!


Mari-There are 2 of us arriving sounds like same general time wanting to get to La Romano or Bayahibe. Flying MLT-Perhaps we could share a taxi. Don't know prices!? Any one have answers for us? Our guidebook states flight from Punta Cana to La Romano is $27 OW - perhaps taxi from there? Anyone have any prices or suggestions? T & D


Well most of Bavaro, Punta Cana is pretty expensive. There are some motels around where you can stay at but most are not used, for stay overs if you know what I mean. I think there is a place I have to ask my friend, the name of the hotel, it is about 425 r.d. Pesos per night. I believe it is bed/breakfast. When I get the exact name I will post it for you. As far as another place to go to close to Punta Cana is Higuey. I am not quite sure if the public transport goes out very late. It is approx. 45 minutes by bust and it costs about 45 r.d. pesos. Taking a taki will be very expensive. Taxi's in Punta Cana are generally very expensive. If you need any further info. e-mail me


there are few inns around cortesito beach. also there is 2 hotels around bavaro plaza which are very convenience. those go around 25dlls. this is the higher season of the year, so it is going to be hard to find any room available for that date.
if you want e-mail to me if you need more inf.