Codetel Sosua Has Problems


Dec 15, 2003
Folk in Sosua are all probably aware of this, but for a while now, Codetel`s telehone and specially their internet service has been intermittent and progessively getting worse.

I have been paying for 4MB for a few months now after their techs gave me a new modem and said I could now receive 4MB in my area. So I upgraded from 1.5, it was great for a while and then zonk, no more 4MB unless I call daily and their techs in SD boost it.

The last 2 techs that came to my house told me that normally you cannot receive 4MB in my area, only 1.5MB. Codetel have agreed to a full credit and told me not to pay any more facturas, until the claim is credited to my account, they assured me I would not be cut off. I havent. But when I asked them why I was not even receiving 1.5 now, they informed me that the control centre in Sosua has big problems and it will take a while for the repairs to be done. Until then I am honoured to be able to receive;


and on Claro`s Test Site;

Claro Speed Test

Download; 0.23MBps, Upload; 0.51MBps Ping; 36ms

Good job I have a back up provider, which is very necessary because I own and operate a huge international site.

Anyone else experiencing similar problems, or is it possible to receive 4MB anywhere in Sosua


Dec 14, 2008
Done as advertised.

Claro, la red donde todo es posible.

And that's why I use internet via satellite.