concerts/fiestas last week of the year 2007

Oct 13, 2003
Ok, just kicking this one off..

On the North Coast the program has been:

23rd - Elvis Martines @ Tipico Azucar, Montellano
26th - Zaccarias Ferreira @ Chicas Car Wash, Cabarete
28th - Raulin Rodrigues @ Tipico Tropical, Gaspar Hernandes
29th - Anthony Santos @ Rancho Tipico, Peurto Plata
30th - Frank Reyes @ Tipico Azucar, Montellano

The Elvis concert began quite late (02:30 am) and lasted until 05:00. It was a small crowd and thus very intimate. He was preceded by a tipico (ripiao-type) band and played his usual hits. It was a good concert but not great.

The Zaccarias concert was held inside a very murky area so we didn't go. Any reviews?

The Raulin concert was held in a place notorious for fighting so we also didn't go. Any reviews?

The Anthony Santos concert was great. Very, very packed and Anthony started at 0:00 until very late, with one break. His concerts are expensive (RD$ 1,000 a head) but he brings a full band and it is noticeable in the sound. Great atmosphere and a lot of Peurto Plata's finest out in full battle dress..;)

Looking forward to visit Francisco later this evening!


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Sep 23, 2002
The Antony Santos concert was excellent! It was quite the crowd. If you bought your tickets in advance it was only 800RD. That is what we did and reserved a table. Of course when the music started it got very jammed up everywhere - but who cares. That is part of the fun of going to a concert!