Coral Hamaca and El Embajador


Trader John (USA)

Hola (hi)

I am arriving at the Coral Hamaca in Boca Chica on January 5. I am staying there for 4 nights then then moving on to the Embajador in Santo Domingo for the last 3 nights of my DR stay.

I am going in plan "Play and Work". During my stay at the Coral Hamaca, I am off all day and night. At the Embajador in Santo Domingo, I will be working during the day and playing and partying at night (the later specially on January 10th).

Any tips such as places to go would be appreciated. I am a down to earth guy that likes beer, no snob type places, love to dance - I like merenge although do not how to dance it very well. I don't want 100% techno nor a 100% latin a nice mix of music would be great. While in the DR would like visit nice open air bars. I prefer my big meals at lunch with nice view of the ocean and of pretty girls if available.

I specially appreciate a tip on what to do on Thrusday night January 10th in Santo Domingo. (Remember I will be staying at "El Embajador"). Something in that area would be great. I'll flying back to the States at noon the following day.

Thank you in advance for your help and tips!