Cost for S. Domingo country club???



Yesterday, I spent the afternoon at Santo Domingo Country Club.

There was a class reunion for people graduating 20 years ago and I was a guest. I never got round to asking the cost of being a member of this club, that looked kinda nice, at least for a first visit.

Does anyone know the cost? I assume there is an entrance fee and then a yearly member fee?


The membership for the SD Country Club will probrably depend on how rich they think you are. Just like anything you plan to purchase or do in the DR you will find the prices will vary according to who is doing the purchasing. Considering the fact that you are a non resident of the country I feel you will need to talk to some of your friends there who may help guide you. I have learned while living there not to ask about prices for my major purchases. I send my Dominican contacts to check on the price first and then I have a better idea of what is the true value of anything.