Country’s first cholera case cost RD$1.2 million


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Feb 20, 2019

Minister of Public Health Daniel Rivera said that the Haitian woman who was attended for a case of cholera cost the country RD$1.2 million. The woman recently checked out of the Higuey hospital where she was attended to for free. The woman required five dialysis sessions, several blood transfusions and other services. Dr. Rivera made the comments when attending the weekly press conference this time held in the border city of Pedernales, where he met with medical authorities of the other key border entry points.

Dr. Rivera said that medical surveillance efforts have increased on the border with Haiti wherethere is a cholera outbreak.

He called for special attention to hygiene, with hand washing, especially after going to the bathroom, washing canned foods with soap and water before opening these, cooking food well and trimming children’s...

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