CPR First Aid Training + First Aid Kits


Oct 13, 2013
My business in the US is doing well, so I will be coming back to the DR this fall! But not permanently, yet!

I will be doing CPR First Aid Training, and selling First Aid Kits through my website for residents/expats of the DR, and also for the government and hospitals. My parter and I have a quite a few contacts, and things are looking promising. Currently, I can ship my first aid kits to Sosua thorough CPS from the US. I'll be working on getting established there, so that I can import on a larger scale. 

I'm posting to see about interest, and to answer any questions. 

Robert, I am not ready YET, but I will be buying an ad when I am, so I'm not posting any links or contact info in this post. Hope that is okay. 

This is what we will be doing:

American Heart Association Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED in English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole
American Heart Association Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid
American Heart Association Basic Life Support
Sales of First Aid Kits and AEDs 

Promed is the International Training Center for the North Coast, we have their permission to start an AHA training site on the north coast. Students WILL receive an American Heart Association credential that is valid for two years. Courses can be taken either in the classroom, or online with a classroom skills session afterwards. I have a place picked out to do monthly classes for anyone that is interested. 

We will be looking at training a couple of additional instructors. We will also donate a portion of sales to purchase equipment for local schools, EMS services, and do free training when we can. 

So, anyone interested? This would be a good course for business owners, for your nanny, or for your family. The first aid kits I have are designed for austere areas and contain real trauma gear used by military medics. I idea would be to purchase a kit, and then come to the training with it. 

The course is about 6 hours, and would cost around US$75-100 per person. About the same as in the US. The kits will be a little higher than in the US, anywhere from $75-200 depending on what you wanted. 

We're also going to be doing ACLS, ACLS-EP, PHTLS and AMLS eventually. 


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Jun 3, 2005
Good idea on a much needed life saving skill. The price for the course is high, and the need for a defib device is not required for most businesses.

I do see big money if all licensed security would be required to take a cpr course.

But hitting up a few resorts, and active apartment complexes can be lucrative, as long as pricing is right. Bartenders, lifeguards, bar staff, managers, all could benefit with the service. Beyond an exclusive vendor with AHA certification is a good hook.

All cops, fire man, etc, should be well trained, and require recertification every other year.

To get customer, aim for a better price, like $35 per head. As you may know, the country is poor, and business owners act poor, which reflects on budgeting things like this.