To whom it may concern,

Next week i'll be traveling to D.R. for the first time. I heard is very nice over there. My question is what area should I visit first? I'll be staying in the Puerto Plata. I want to get the most out my first visit. Can anyone direct me where to go?

Thanks, Enrique


This will depend on the amount of time you have available and your budget. There is enough to see on the North Coast to keep you busy for two weeks. From West to East: Monte Cristi (Playa El Morro and Cayos 7 Hermanos); Punta Rucia (Cayo Arenas), Luper?n and La Isabela (where Columbus built the first settlement in the Americas), Puerto Plata city (Amber Museum, Brugal rum factory, Columbus Water Park), Playa Dorada (for night time discotheque dancing and shopping at the mall), Sosua Beach, Cabarete Beach, Rio San Juan and Pueblito Principe, Playa Grande (excellent beach and excellent golf), and then East to Saman? with Las Galeras, Las Terrenas, Cayo Levantado....


Hi Enrique, If you are just a bit adventurous I can highly recommend you to go to Rancho Baiguate, in Jarabacoa, in the Dominican mountains. Here they can offer you a lot of adventure possibilities like river rafting, canyonning, mountain biking, trekking etc. And besides that the nature up there is simply fantastic. You will find phone number etc. on their homepage www.dominicana.com/baiguate - have a nice trip. Karin