Did a Russian design inspire the DR country brand? The actual designer says he created it from scratch


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Feb 20, 2019
José Diego Beker Migdial / N Digital

The country brand of the Dominican Republic is getting media coverage but not because of its creativity. A Russian graphic artist Ivan Bobrov is claiming that his graphic created for a small company in 2014 was copied.

He says he is from a small town in Russia and his life is very complicated with Covid-19, so he doesn’t know if he should take action to claim the copyright for the logo. He said he never placed his logo in any platform for sale. The logo was online and the artist was looking to be hired.

Actually, the Dominican country brand logo’s RD graphics are quite different from the K logo. The country brand was contracted to a consortium made up by Kraneo, a local advertising agency, managed by Miguel Alfonseca. Others participating in the contract were the Mexican firms Beker and Integra. The contract was for over RD$32 million...

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