Do the Right Thing for Kids


Jan 17, 2002
As I had promised in my earlier posting in the Trip Reports area, I want to share information with you about doing the right thing for the Dominican school kids.

Most of you by now are aware of the Dream Project. This great program is set up to help school kids in the Cabarete area. I have just returned from a 3 week stay at Fun Royale/Tropicale in Playa Dorada. While I was there, I had a chance to meet and speak with two fine gentlemen who are associated with an organization dedicated to improve the schools for the Puerto Plata area school children. The name of the organization is Fundacion Patria. They are working to improve the standards, and quality of education for these children. They are looking for any and all contributions of basic school supplies as well as cash donations to remodel the many outlying schools.

While I was at Fun Royale, I had a chance to go into Puerto Plata and donate a large amount of supplies to a local school. It was so neat to see the excitement in the eyes of the students and teachers when they saw what they were going to receive. Fundacion Patria will arrange the same experience for you. That way you can make sure, if need be, that your donation is going to the proper place. I encourage any and all visitors to pack an extra suitcase or two FULL of basic supplies to bring for the kids. What are basic supplies? Notebooks, notebook paper, lined paper, unlined paper, construction paper, pencils, erasers, chalk, rulers, backpacks, etc. I am sure that all of you can think of other items as well. If you are able to do fundraising, Fundacion Patria has a matching program set up as well. They do need dollars in addition to basic supplies.

The two gentlemen that I spoke with are Mario Mattana, General Manager at Fun Royale/Tropicale, and Ramon Santana, Director at Riu Merengue. They said that their local hotel association is backing this project 100%. If you want/need more information about Fundacion Patria, call these gentlemen when you arrive at your chosen hotel. If you prefer email, use, or for Ramon, use

I believe that this is truly a worthwhile project. Anytime that we as humans have a opportunity to enhance or improve situations such as this, we must do whatever can within our means to do so! Once you see the eyes of the school children, you will be hooked for life.

Thank you in advance for all that you can do!


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Sep 30, 2003

For what you have said....and posted more for what you have done!