does everyone knows about this new take away restaurant



i have heard that there is a new take away restaurant in cabarete a couple days ago, i have heard that they are serving indian food, english food and some more other things, next to hotel caoba.

does someone knows something about this???


Dec 15, 2003
They have just opened, it is in a little colmada beside the Hotel Kaoba and starts at about 1pm. My son bought takeaway there yesterday, and it was absolutely delicious. Cabarete needed this, wish they were in Sosua!.. He bought stuffed jacket potatoes with various fillings, cottage pie, and Indian curry. It was so good, he went back for more to stock our freezer and they had sold out!! so word is already out. They sell lots of different things in wraps and English bacon sandwiches (no fat on the bacon). Well worth the prices from 99 pesos for the jacket potatoes up to about 150 pesos I think. Its run by a young English guy and he cooks very well. I wish him the best of luck.