Dog treat



Just went outside for some air. Someone deposited a puppy,
tied into a plastic bag outside my door. The bastard who
did it just lost two possible friends. Me and the puppy.

Sofy's B&B

But we ought to remember that there are good people looking after animals.... as a Vet called us this morning and asked for the telephone of the owner of a dog that was picked up on the street, taken to the Vet for care.... light bruises, two bad legs but not broken. Within one hour, the owner was with his pet once again because out of luck I guess, dog was brought to HIS VET !! This caring sure does not happen on a daily basis, but when it does, we should speak up.


That's true. Maybe we should try to find "sunshine" stories
to post here, to balance the multitude of bromide! I should have
thought of that!

The "puppy" in question is right now sleeping off a good treat
of pizza-topping and meat, the best I could do on a short notice.
An old t-shirt and card-board box seems to be a satisfying bed
for the night. See if I can get some flea-schampoo and de-worm
stuff tomorrow and then take it from there. Seems to have a few
nightmares, but who wouldn't after such a treatment?

BTW, anyone knows how to estimate the age of a totally
unknown race-combination, and totally unknown "final size"?
From my experience, her so far rather unsharp teeth would
indicate a few weeks, at the most. Her "playing eagerness"
a little bit more...



Gunnar,after receiving your e-mail I was happy to learn that the pup was alive! And perhaps it was a neighborhood kid hoping to give the pup a new home and thinking that it had enough air to breathe...who knows.I take back my earlier post.



Let's hope so, and that throwing the bag in the middle of the
the street was "hoping noone would run it over before
I found it".
Nevertheless, she seems quite content in her new environment,
albeit I have to introduce her carefully to all the new things
and people. She's obviously been quite mistreated in her first
weeks of life, and that doesn't wear off easily!

Today we went about 10 feet outside. Towmorrow well make it



If the dog is only 3-4 weeks old, you will find that previous "treatment" quickly goes away, older can be tough to impossible.

Beside her teeth, look at her "dew claws" and palpate her tail to see how far teh cartilidge has turned to bone. At 2-3 weeks, most are still not "bony"

Best of luck with your new friend, I'm sure she will grow up happy. She asks only one thing; "Love"


Think your additional suggestions verify the age - no dew claws
developed yet, and the tail base is very soft. Thanks for
the info! furthermore; she's "practising" her teeth on my
fingers, but when tired it is more like a suckling, indictaing
that part wasn't so long ago.

Her desire for "love" could only be missed by someone dead,
a complete idiot or a swedish cop. As I write this with my right
hand, she's happily chewing away on my left thumb. Think we'd
better attack the kitchen to see if we can't find something more

Mentally, she is slowly recuperating (if 24 hours could be called
"slowly"), now confiding in me and my wife. Still terrified of
children though, so we can deduce something about what have
happened. I got her volontary to investigate "the big world"
this afternoon - the nearest ten feet outside the house.
Maybe tomorrow we'll make it twenty...

Best happy new millenium, I hope everyone knows it starts
on Sunday/Monday, rather than one year ago! (There was no year


C'mon Gunnar...tell us?

What did you name your pooch-ita? or do we need to have a namimg contest here on the board? LOL!


Re: C'mon Gunnar...tell us?

Nope. Considering the difference between her condition
when I found her, and Just a few hours later, after the milk
and stuff, there's no other suitable name than "la Vida"!
Since this is a spanish-speaking country, I think it is
better she learn spanish as her native language...

Today have been mostly a day of rest, but she actually ventured
on a small excursion on her own outside. A whole 30 feet
away from the house before something scared her and she "hurried"
back. Think she's regaining some confidence in the world.

I'll keep you posted!