Dominican Cattle Ranchers in Dajabón Hqppy with the New Border Fence


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Jan 20, 2003
Dominican cattle ranchers in the rural areas of Dajabón province are happy with the new border fence. For years they have been suffering the theft of their cattle by groups of Haitian men that would cross the border at night (this has actually been going on at least since the mid-1800’s, it’s mentioned in several books from the era) and steal the cattle. Then they would cross them into Haiti, slaughter them and sell their meats in Haitian markets. The Dominican cattle ranchers say the theft of their cattle have basically come to a halt ever since the border fence was built.

“Border fence don’t work!”
- So say those within the comfort of their homes with grills on all the windows and the property surrounded by walls, gates and barbed wire or electrified wires on top.
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Jul 10, 2004
Hard to carry the cows over the wall?

I am surprised they are not butchering the cows on the DR side and throwing the parts over the wall into Haiti.
Perhaps that will be next.