Dominican Credit Cards

Do you have a Dominican credit card?

  • Yes, have more than one and I will apply for another one.

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  • No, I was declined.

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  • Yes, have one or more and will not apply for more.

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Jan 20, 2003

In 2021 there were almost 2.7 million credit cards issued by Dominican banks, savings and loans associations, and savings and loans banks. Of these, almost 2.4 million are from multiple banks (BHD León, Popular, Banreservas, etc) , almost 270,000 from savings and loan associations, and almost 2,200 from savings and loans banks. This doesn't includes the 5.5 million debit cards, over 200,000 pre-paid cards, and the almost 1.8 million Dominican government subsidies cards currently active in the DR. The total amount of active credit cards continue to increase every year.


Do you have any Dominican credit cards?

Debit cards and credit cards from other countries are not counted.


If you do have at least one Dominican credit card:

How do you use it? Pay every balance in full or carry a balance?


Have you used the benefits (if it offers)? How would you rate the benefits on a 0 = not good to 5 = excellent?

How would you rate customer service in person, online or via telephone (0 = not good, 5 = excellent)?


Which do you consider to be the best Dominican credit card? Do you have it? Is it hard to get?

Which do you consider to be the worst Dominican credit caed? Do you have it? Is it hard to get?


* There are many more Dominican credit cards than shown from these and other Dominican financial institutions. The ones presented here are for illustration purposes only and don't have real names, account numbers, etc.

bob saunders

Jan 1, 2002
I have two Dominican Credit cards both issued through BHD Leon. Both are international and I have used one extensively in Europe and South America. Your poll didnt give the option of I have one or two cards and dont plan on getting more or cancelling what I have. I believe my wife has four.

JD Jones

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Jan 7, 2016
I have two I never use but are still falling apart.