Dominican Firefighters....Wow.


*** Sin Bin ***
Nov 20, 2005
One of the major problems in this country is the water supply. Well, it's a REAL problem for the dirt poor population, but during long droughts it becomes a problem for everyone as Tinacos and Tankes must be bought to hold water reserves if the cistern dries out.

Enter the role of the Firefighters. Moderate Fire in a friend's wood-cutting facilities. Short fuse. Fire!!! Because water is SCARCE in most places around the country, Firefighters can't just go to the scene of the Fire and put it out if they know there's not enough water, they MUST use sand. Janico is one of these places. My dad grew up there and because he's like 900 years old, he would NEVER leave. It's a well-kept little campo on-route to San Jose De Las Matas to the west or Sabana Iglesia to the southeast. There's a fire in some shack that the locals can't control so they call the firefighters (It's amazing how in the Dominican Republic, most people in poor and low-class neighborhoods ALL have Cellphones). The firefighters finally arrive. First off, since this area is surrounded by the country side, it naturally doesn't have a real firetruck. They arrive in a camioneta. WITH SHOVELS. I'm drinking a bottle with my Uncle as Four of them arrive. They start DIGGING for sand and throwing it to the fire. Well, three of them were, the other stood next to be and my uncle since we had a nice bottle Johnnie B. He obviously wanted a shot. The bastard. They finally put out the fire, we gave them a little something, and they left.

Only in the campo.