DR: 3 Doppler Radars


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Jan 20, 2003
According to Héctor Porcella, the DR government already purchased 2 doppler radars. Currently the DR has 1 based at the Punta Cana International Airport. It's considered one of the best doppler radars from Finland. It gives pilots a much more precise info on the climate at that moment and the best climate predictions. With this information, pilots can make a better decision regarding what areas to avoid and reduce the possibilities of turbulance, plus other things. The doppler radar in Punta Cana covers a radius of about 250 km.

The other 2 (he didn't give information of who made them) have yet to be installed. It could be possible they aren't in the DR yet. One will be placed in Santo Domingo (probably at the Santo Domingo Airport) and another in Puerto Plata. Starting at some time next year before hurricane season, the DR will have 3 doppler radars covering the entire country and a little bit more (possibly a part of Haiti, but he wasn't specific.) He says that the DR should buy one more doppler radar to place in the Pedernales area where the new airport will be. He didn't said it, but if that doppler radar will have a radius of about 250 km, that one might very well also cover Port-au-Prince, which could be beneficial for the airport there too. If that is the case, all the major airports on the island will have the most up-to-date doppler radar info.

The interview was done about a week ago.