DR Fscebook Scammers

chico bill

Dogs Better than People
May 6, 2016
There are hundreds of ads for products on Facebook Marketplace. Many are legitimate, because I have sold and bought real things there.
Most by young Dominicans are scams.
I recently tried to buy a 3 ton floor jack at a price available in the market.
The guy says - you don't have to pay me until I deliver.
He kept messaging me say he would be at the Caribe Tours at 4 Pm, then the first day he said he had to cancel.
Next day same routine. I suspect he doesn't have anything but air to sell.
Caveat Emptor. I will go buy a used one in Puerto Plata

JD Jones

Moderator:North Coast,Santo Domingo,SW Coast,Covid
Jan 7, 2016
We won't even mention the guys who try to sell cars that belong to somebody else because the somebody else is too lazy to post an ad.