Duarte Museum is open for Easter


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Feb 20, 2019

Located in the Colonial City, the Juan Pablo Duarte Museum will remain open from 9am to 5pm on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday during Easter 2024, with the exception of Good Friday.

Learn about the founding father of the Dominican Republic who lived his last years in exile after advocating for full independence and not annexation to France or Spain as the government leaders of the time sought to avoid another Haitian dominance.

The Duarte Museum is located at Isabel la Catolica #304, on the north side of the historic street. Bilingual guides are available for those seeking more information on the founder of the Dominican nationality.

The Duarte Museum joins dozens of other government museums in the Colonial City and Plaza de la Cultura that will remain open on their usual schedules for Easter Week. The museums say they will only close on Good Friday...

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