Editorialists last words on the 5 July election


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Feb 20, 2019

El Dia calls the campaign “one of the most civilized campaigns in the Dominican electoral history”. The editorialist highlights the notable absence of physical and verbal violence and commends the prevailing civic behavior of the population. Nevertheless, it says the elections have been full of surprises: two reschedulings (municipal for e-voting glitch and presidential/congressional for Covid-19), theft of RD$37 million cash from the Santiago Municipal Electoral Board, absence of meetings, caravans and an ongoing pandemic. “We hope that Dominicans vote with the same civism, and the players respect the results and the Central Electoral Board manage a fair, clean and transparent process,” concludes the writer while encouraging people to go to vote.

Diario Libre lists several reasons why citizens should go to vote: a citizen’s right and duty, to have our say in who governs us, to...
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