English Teachers needed

J D Sauser

Nov 20, 2004
I have my and other kids at the Nueva Vida (New Life Mission) School in SOSUA (La Mulata).
The school is in the process of trying to become an internationally accredited school. For that, among many things which need to be brought up to "international" standards, the school needs to yield better, MUCH better results in the teaching of the ENGLISH language as the ones outlined by the Department of education (Ministerio de educacion) of the DR. The result ought to be that the school can be realistically called "Bi-Lingual"!

We have tried several approaches at the school, and the Church which founded the school has sent out Missionaries from the US (native English speakers) every now and then but still needs help from people who are English TEACHERS and not just native speakers. Interestingly, the few schools which have a positive record teaching their students English or eventually the whole or at least part of the classes in all English, don't exclusively use native English speakers, but people who CAN TEACH a language and in this cases, specifically to KIDS.

The school is very cheap compared to other institutions, and is sponsored by the good work of the members of the Church which stands behind it. So evidently, the school can only afford "Dominican" grade salaries... which makes it almost impossible for the school to attract teachers from abroad, besides some Missionaries which are willing to donate their time and effort for a good cause.
Many Dominican kids study at a very modest rate or enjoy full scholarship.

It has occurred to me that since we have a pretty good base of often retired foreigners here who might have had a career in teaching and tutoring, we might find some people who would be enthused to join in and do something which yields results while at least their expenses are covered and they may leave with a little "pocket money".

This is a very tranquil school, quiet and kids are taught to be polite and respectful, and in a very nice environment and positive working environment.
It won't make you rich monetarily, but even thou I don't share the religious views of the Church, I have come to respect them highly for their good deeds and the fact that they have come to value and respect me for my limited participation, and I have gotten great satisfaction many times over from working with that school and it's students in a constructive way.

For some, teaching, handing over knowledge and see kids pick it up and participating, can be very rewarding, if so, I would venture to promise that you would at least enjoy seeing the results at that school.

So, if you are interested or know of somebody who would be, lease contact me by PM and I can share some details and it will be my pleasure to introduce you to the Director of the school who is a wonderful Lady.

Thanks! ... J-D.