Excellent Maid/Gardener/Handyman/Guard Need Work


Dec 15, 2003
They work for me have done for years. Absolutely trustworthy and very hard working. It is unfortunate but many of their family members are now out of work due to all the cut backs and hotel closures, so they are supporting their families.

They only work for me part time so are available for other days which you can arrange with them. 500RD per day plus food and transport, worth every peso or I would not recommend them. In my business it is compulsory to do a CRO check for all employees, so I include my household staff in those checks.

As some of you may know, I help many folk in the barrios and have done for years. When I saw where these folk and their families live it was the worst I had seen. One little shack had no water, toilet/shower, or kitchen area and no floor. I have organised that, but the family need work also.

I do hope some of you will employ these good people I have recommended, even if it is only one day per week. The handyman can double up as a guard if you so require. He is experienced in all form of arms and is a very responsible person.

They can work in Sosua, Cabarete, Sabaneta areas.

Thank you