Extacsy pills seizure accepted as evidence in PRM deputy accusation


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Feb 20, 2019

The Supreme Court of Justice judge hearing the case for money laundering and other crimes against PRM deputy Rosa Amalia Pilarte admitted that the confiscated 111,700 ecstasy pills, the largest of the drug seized in the DR, serve as evidence in the case. Deputy Attorney General Inocencio Amador Espinosa told the press the court has reverted the previous decision of Supreme Court judge Napoleon Estevez Lavandier, after an appeal by the prosecution in the case. Judge Estevez Lavandier was voted to preside the Constitutional Court and was replaced by judge Second Criminal Chamber of the SCJ, Francisco Antonio Jerez Mena, as reported in Diario Libre.

Rosa Amalia Pilarte is deputy until the new deputies are inaugurated in the 20 August 2024 session of the Chamber of Deputies. This is why her case is being heard by a Supreme Court of Justice judge and not ordinary court...

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