Falling In Love In The Dominican Rrepublic



Imagine This:

As a child you longed to be truly loved. At 11 you find out,you have a disease that will slowly deteriorate all your muscles. Hence,one day you will have to depend on others to live. At 14 you have an operation to help you walk longer,thus risking the lose of some strength.

Imagine thinking,who will love you,now? Who will want you,now? Than at 16 you meet a man 17 years older than you. He will marry you, care for you and be there to help you.But,imagine he can't love and respect you and be there for you the way you've always dreamt and hoped a man would.

Imagine, in 15 years you've watched yourself grow as he stays the same. You want more in life and he's happy just getting by and things staying,,just as they are. You enjoy reaching out to others especially,unfortunate children. Imagine,him not understaning what it is you feel or even caring to try to understand. Imagine,longing to have a child of your very own to love and to nurture and the one your with does'nt want the same because he was already married once and has 3 children of his own.

Imagine,believeing you were in love with this man because,he could love you,even

though it wasn't the way you longed to be loved. Than after 15yrs. together you leave the country with this man you thought you loved, to go on vacation, and come home feeling as if you were in love w/another.

Imagine, finally finding that love you've longed to have and feel. Except,the one it's found with, lives in another country and speaks a different language. Imagine,going back to that country without your husband to find out if what you felt was real or just a dream. Than, you find him again,this man who took your breath away. He looks into your eyes and you feel a fire burn within your soul. You feel things,you never knew you could feel. Your eyes expressing to each other more than words, ever could. Imagine him looking past your weak muscles and the wheelchair you're sitting in,only looking at you, as if you were the most beautiful woman he's ever seen. He makes you forget your disabled and makes you feel special and beautiful inside and out.

Imagine,spending the night with this man of your dreams.Making love with him was like being in Heaven.You felt passion like you never did before and probably never will,again. Expressing your love to eachother, like you never thought possible. Than lying awake in his arms,holding him tight the rest of the night.Watching him sleep,caressing his silky hair and very soft skin,wishing with all your heart that night would never have to end. And than having to say good-bye to him,not knowing when or if you will ever see each other,again. Imagine this man taking the risk of losing his job,just to be with you. To finally find what you're hearts been searching for and having to leave it all behind.
Imagine,coming home only to find,you left your heart behind. You're husband is out of work, again and doesn't care if he ever goes back or not. Imagine, he has no friends and wants to spend ALL his time w/you. He hears everything you say and knows everything you do because he's always there. Smuthering you.
Imagine, going back to college so you can better your life. Your husband,who should be happy for you and be there by your side to encourage you, is not. Instead,he's discouraging and jealous that you might meet someone. However,that's the last thing on your mind.
Imagine, now it's Christmas time. Your favorite time of year. When your spirit is full of love,laughter and joy. However, this year it's different. No matter how hard you try,you can't feel the spirit you felt every year before. You wish it was'nt Christmas time. Because, the one thing you want for Christmas,you can not have.

Imagine,wanting to give up all you have,,just to be w/the one who has your heart and you can't because your health won't let you.
Imagine, your heart aching and there's nothing you can do to help the pain. You try to ease the pain with memories and pictures,but it only hurts more. You try to keep busy so you won't think about it,but at night you still find yourself thinking of him. You want to see him,touch him,put your arms around him and never let him go.

This isn't an imagination to me,it's my life. I thought I had it all and

now I'm not so sure. Is this the love I've longed for or just a dream?


Only one way to find out! You got a 90 percent chance of getting
deceived, dissapointed and luttered. From what you write, it
seems a 100 percent chance for that if you stay.
90 seems better than 100...


Imagine, just because you have been dealt a bad hand in life, that you would, could, and did commit adultary and at the same time broke your wedding vows to the one that loved you enough to give you his total being! Just imagine!


Imagining. Imagining giving those vowes because being desparate
noone else would accept them, rather than of true love and affection. It is sadly a fact of life that most people
will rather quarrel than to not have any contact at all.

Furthermore, we don't know which wedding woves were promised
in Tinas case, so, at least I, don't have the necessary
information to tell if they were broken or not. The common
"love and respect..." promise can be broken by complaining about
her cooking, or his snoring, or vice versa.

The term "adultery" has quite many underlying implicit
definitions, which are slightly differrent depending on
viewing it from religious or legal point. And then again
from WHICH religious and/or legal... The same would
be true for "fornication", but that wasn't mentioned...


You are in a very vulnerable state. Many men could take advantage of this. Many men and women in the Dominican Republic are desperate for a better future for themselves and their relatives. Some times the only way out is woeing a foreigner (hopefully American). Open your eyes, see what are the facts, put aside that good feeling you have inside right now. Ask the opinion of friends who know him. Make sure you are not setting yourself up for another heartbreak. If everything comes back to be crystal clear than go for it girl. Adultery goes beyond being with someone else and only the one upstair is to be the judge if you have acted out of fairness or selfishness.