Festero and friends join HB for a day of fun and games


Jan 1, 2002
Festero and two friends from Vancouver came down to the Hovel yesterday for a day of cigars and golf.

Dave Sr. and daughter Tracy (a dinamite package of 17 going on 30!) joined friend Festero and they made their way over the Carretera Tur?stica Luper?n, in decent time. After greetings and salutations, homage paid to the Hovel and Mrs. HB, we took off for some cigar "insider stuff" . We took in a small processing operation, and then went to the factory for a full "up close and personal" look at just how the leaf is made into a premium cigar. Tracy took the necessary pictures to document the event and the "big guys" got their hands on some interesting stogies.
Since we were in the neighborhood, I asked if they had ever seen a full blown fighting (humm the auto sensor knocked out the real word (coque) so I'll say rooster, how's that?) "rooster" operation, where they were raised, groomed and trained. A chorous of "nos" came back so we ducked down a river bank, with Tracy saying: "Oh my God, we're in a little river!", and up to Jo Kelner's tobacco farm/"finca de gallos"
Hundreds of strutting roosters, crowing,and, by coincidence, about 50 little first and second graders enjoying a day in the country!. Great sights and sounds. And time to light up a good cigar, too.
And, as luck would have it, we were able to do our good deed of the day. A fellow had gone into the river to wash his car, but the battery wouldn't crank the motor to get out. So we helped him with jumping cables. (One more little star is sparkling in the sky)
Then back to the Hovel for a change of cloths while the group had lunch at the "gourmet" sandwich shop across the street, augmented by tidbits from the HB kitchen. Family logistics all worked out (G'son to f?tbol at 3;00, back home at 6 & who would take care of the house if we were not back in time etc) we took off for the golf course.

A major thank you to Festero who hosted me at my own course!. And then proceeded to stripe one down the center of the first fairway. (A five month layoff? Yeah, right!). The round went well with just a modicum of really good golf, a couple of really fine shots, but, IT WAS GOLF!! And, as anyone knows, a bad day of golf is better than the best day at work....

Then back to the Hovel for cigars and beers (Not for Tracy, who refuced even water!) The three "men" caused a slight rise in the President stock price, had a couple of cigars and good conversation, something that is not so easy to come by these days.

My tidbit of the Day: I have been informed by Tracy that green mangos, thinly sliced and dipped in soy sauce goes very, very well with beer, as sort of a peanut, potato chip substitute. Dad Dave agreed, so this will be something new to report on down the line. I am sure that you have noticed the huge numbers of mango blossoms on all of the trees...HEhehe:D:D

Great day, a good old friend and some very pleasant new friends. (What is it about people from Vancouver that makes them so nice??) Man, you can't ask for more than that!

Just a slice of life in the Cibao.

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Jan 1, 2002
NEVER a dull moment at The Hovel is there??? Totally agree about the Philipono firecracker - absolutely Charming!!!!
If you received my e-mail re cable for Dr. Eddy, please let me know asap & I'll order! ~ Your 'armless buddy!!