Fire on a Prop in Front of Las Canas Hotel/Apartments, Sosua -Mon 23 July.

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Dec 15, 2003
I noticed some unusual "happenings" in the small road I live in, in La Mulata. It concerned me enough that I called my contacts in certain Police " Factors" to be on "Standby".. (with my history & experience, they trust me when something is not quite right). Within a few hours, whilst I was preparing my supper, there was a small boom and cloud of smoke, which increased in front of my house...

I called the same number and within 8-10mins a few vehicles arrived, not only 3, from the fire department, (so PLEASE all you idiots that mock the emergency services here, just STOP). The fire was put out by great professional fire fighters. Paramedics were on hand in sep vehicles, as where the Police.

It took hours to ensure that everything & everybody, in the whole area was safe & secure.

Investigations are continuing as to the cause..

I did inform Robert that I would be making this thread, and I also asked him to close it, to stop any negative posts and any DUHs to make their same silly comments

I eventually came back into my home a couple of hours ago, (now 4.25am here). before the emergency services left, because I just wanted to ensure that no people, nor animals were harmed. They were safe and the fire was contained.

Please allow me to reassure all of you, that do not live in this country, that the emergency services actually respond quicker here, than in the US, UK and other countries, than elsewhere, but if you need advice on purchasing or renting properties, trust Robert here on DR1.

If you need further help/advice on the laws here, only, you are welcome to contact me.

As I said, it was a heck of a night, many hours work of those tremendous professional firefighters that stopped it affecting/spreading to other properties, including Las Canas Hotel/Apartments.

The only thing that pizzed me off, was the very small group of residents of expats and Dominicans, that gathered & enjoyed the excitement, hence creating a mini crowd. But that always happens in life doesnt it? DUH!

Maybe they have nothing else in their lives, eh?

As I said fire was put out, harm done to property only, and not to people nor animals. and thank the Good Lord above for that.

If Robert is not on line, and another Mod is, I hope they respect my wishes and close this thread.

I think I have reported this incident fully with all the pertaining info necessary within.

The results of the investigation, (the more elaborate info I have informed Robert about already, before I started this thread,) will be reported to Robert. It will be his decision,,if he finds it necessary to inform you all.

I have unsubscribed to this thread...
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