From SD to other island by ferry boat ??


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Jan 30, 2006
Hi all

Is there any possibility to take a boat in Santo Domingo (with the car in the boat) and go to other island around? Puerto Rico maybe? or other?

Thanks for your advices


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Jan 20, 2007
Second Lambada's motion. We've taken the ferry from PR to DR. So far I believe it's been around 10 times in the last few years and though I prefer flying since you don't waste so much time, it is the only way to get the vehicle across.

The ferry takes a day going and a day coming. Basically you begin your day and show up at the dock at around noon and get all your papers, got through imigracion, aduana, police vehicle check and the rest. Ocassionally the enterprenuring public servant who will want a small "mordida" to make your day more pleasant, though this is becoming a rarity of sorts since a few have been put out of service.

They begin loadiing cars and SUV's at about 4:00Pm and finish pretty close to 7:00PM. The motorcycles are always the last which is a good point since they are almost always the first to get off.

From there it is up to the cabin to get all the grime and gunk off, get some food, get some drinks, catch the show, gamble some bucks away and hit the sack. Wakie wakie next morning to get off the blooming ship and do all the paperwork on the US side again. The line for customs, the line for imigration, the police check on the vehicle, the dogs to smell for drugs. This paperwork routine is what turns a good ship ride into a test of patience. But what the heck, if you know it's coming then you put on your best face, take an amiplin500mg. or a sejodio1000mg. and you make the best of it.

Once in PR you can travel everywhere as this small island of 35x100 has paved roads going everywhich way.

Enjoy your trip.

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Nov 10, 2002
I have had a look at the website but it doesn't give prices - you have to email. Does anyone have a rough idea of the cost of a return trip for 2 adults and a car?


big wayne

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May 22, 2007
Island hopping

I like this thread...I cant read Spanish so can anyone tell me what kind of prices wa are talking about regarding either going by ferry with the car to Puerto Rico or maybe to some of the other ilands. Either by car or plane.

I mean, I take the point that if you live in DR, who needs to go to Turks and Caicos for example but I say "hey, why not?".