Good quality service from my Domincan landlord


Aug 22, 2008
I hear so little good news these days.....

My water tank sprang a leak this morning.
Within 30 minutes my Dominican landlady had bought a new one, plus all the accessories and had somebody over to install it. I thought I was in for a struggle - but no! Perfect. She even had a smile on her face.

My internet works perfectly. I can, if I like, watch 3 Youtube pages at the same time with no buffering issues. The internet has never gone off in 6 weeks so far. Wow!!!

The electricity has not gone off in 6 weeks. We have no generator or inverter so this is important.

There is only me using electricity on my meter.

This is so cool - I have always had to struggle at least a little bit for good service from a Dominican landlord.

It is like living in a real country.

Viva la Republica.

And by the way, I do not live in an expat ghetto. This place is all Dominican run and mainly Dominican occupied and is half the price of anything else I was found.
No real story here except that I am sooooooo happy.


Jun 13, 2009
I'm so happy for you!!!!

My Dominican landlord was stealing from Edenorte... so I got cut off today, but got a contract for half the price I was paying to him...

My neighbor, who tried to kill one of our dogs, and is stealing our electricity.... was without electricity as well today...

we have not been one single day without a cut-off from electricity... (thanks to the invertor we are not really suffering)

Water supply.... sorry I'm choking... and not because I cannot swallow the abundance of watersupply... water got cut off... because of a physical problem over here... or because our landlord did not.... We still do not know... but I know all the guys from the bomberos by first name by now... and they love me.... whahahahaha

Internet.... with banda ancha claro.... whahahahahaahahaahaahahahaahaha.... which internet?????

but I still love the country... and I still love the town I'm living in... Am I the freak???? or....
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Dec 11, 2003
you tube

You can watch you tube with no buffering?

Shows that we are getting way beyond the needs of basic electric and water!

Not that I have any hope of ever getting where you are with you tube... because I am so far behind the geeks here...

but I have a restraining order on my landlady so at least she does not come over yelling at me when I ask for repairs... so that is progress

And I am beginning to understand that renting here does not mean that you will get repairs done for you but since the rent is frozen, as long as the upstairs neighbor and I can negotiate the leak, it is a good deal.

You are right to consider yourself blessed Pedro. Be sure to buy your landlady a nice gift for Christmas!!


I am so glad the bunny is back!


Sep 10, 2008
i also have nothing to complain about here - the only problem I have comes from the uk, who seem to not be able to send money to the right place,
Sep 22, 2009
but I have a restraining order on my landlady so at least she does not come over yelling at me when I ask for repairs... so that is progress

That's interesting Annie. You have come to the point where you have an executed restraining order on your landlady in DR. Sorry it has come down to that. I always answer my door with my restraining order tucked into the front of my jeans. No one has ever bothered me here to that point. LOL

Maybe you should relocate?