Government says RD$400 million is to repair several retainer walls


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Feb 20, 2019

When Minister of Public Works Deligne Ascención last week said he had a budget of RD$400 million to repair the retainer wall of the 27 de Febrero underpass, he was referred to restructuring several retainer walls. The media interpreted the money would go for the single 27 de Febrero Avenue underpass wall that had collapsed on 18 November 2023 during a torrential rain shower.

The Ministry of Public Works explains that the amount will also enable the structural intervention of the underpasses at 27 de Febrero Avenue with Maximo Gomez Avenue, that of 27 de Febrero Av. with Tiradentes Av., and the long tunnel of 27 de Febrero Avenue with Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill avenues. Likewise, the amount will also cover works at the intersection of Maximo Gomez with John F. Kennedy Avenue, all roadway solutions that are now recognized as vulnerable.

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