Guitar playing: I need some tutoring for Jazz/Swing around POP-Cabarete

J D Sauser

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Nov 20, 2004
After some back and forth I finally decided to bring along an acoustic Selmer/Maccaferri style Jazz/Swing guitar.
I mainly play Pedal Steel Guitar (so I am a chord-guy), but the humidity and salty air would not let me keep the stings in tune, eat up the mechanics of the instrument and near ruined one of my tube amps... I schlepped it all back to A/C'ed Florida.

I know, I have been "talking" to a gentleman here on the Forum and via PM on and off and it was that very person which once even forwarded a link to an economy Selmer style acoustic guitar to me years ago... I didn't bite then and I feel stupid because somehow, I don't seem to find those old messages.

Anyways, if YOU, Sir are still around, or anybody else who knows or knows of somebody, I'd be interested to have some "lessons"/"classes" with someone who can help me along with some of the Jazz/Swing stuff I want to play.
I have downloaded a bunch of youtube vid's and there is an incredible amount of information but much is only very quickly shown and I it's at times difficult to see the grips correctly.

I organize my music in numbers, for tensions and chord progressions as well as degrees ID within the arpeggios. I mainly believe to need someone who can help me decipher some of what I hear and see (I can bring that along on the laptop) and also maybe give me some modal directions (something I have never worked on, I have always worked off chords). I don't use "standard musical notation" nor am I a believer in that this would ever be the approach I would like to take. I want to play what I "hear" in my head... I can do that on steel... I will darn well be able to do the same on that thing.

Please PM or post here.

Thanks! ... J-D.