has anyone seen this online petition for regulation of the domestic real estate...


Mar 12, 2007
Cmdr .,

Here is a rough translation and whilst I agree in principle it will be hard in practice to break the carteel of 10% Realtors in the DR.
But if you look closely at the date 2104 it does look as if it is going to happen any time soon!

A sector governed by this disorder and lack of control can not provide any type of guarantees his actors ; such as buyers , sellers, inquilinios , investors, promotorres , builders, commercial banks , savings and loans , much less to the Dominican State .

With an organized and regulated through a license to operate real estate, we can reduce the excesses committed against national and international buyers in terms of acquisition of housing.

We would raise our competitiveness in tourist real estate matters and contribute enormously to create a safer environment for real estate investment ecessary .

This proposal would provide to low-income citizens thanks to the trust law may have access to a decent housing through incentives to purchase not arrive in the hands of so-called " real estate agents" unprepared tronchen sleep their buyers and effort of a State to make universal right to decent housing is met.

Give your support to this bill that was deposited in the executive branch last January 14, 2104 , for the same to be sent to Congress for future approval.

Owning a home is a dream of all , do not leave it in the hands of those who can turn that dream into a nightmare.

Olly and the Team
Apr 7, 2014
Yea, it sounds altruistic...who knows? Plenty of money to be made with the system as it is. Anyway, the realtor I deal with seemed to be on the side of this legislation. Which is sort of funny, because everyplace she showed me she made it sound urgent that I take this place, immediately. "These special deals wont last long" but crazy...she would show me pictures with date-time stamps on them and they were average 4 years old.


Jul 9, 2010
Of course, this makes sense. There are many people trying to sell real estate in the DR. Some are legit and honest. Others are just looking to make a fast buck. There is a lot of money exchanging hands and certainly this process should a regulated real estate agent involved. If this law is passed it may help to weed out some of the corruption but don't count on it.