Hippo And Friends Looking For Cover!

frank alvarez

New member
Apr 13, 2004
The Dominican press is beginning to discuss that the PPH/PRD goons which have had a run of the country with their godfather Hipolito for the last 4 years, are looking for impunity by getting named Senator of the Republic.

The first one that is supposedly to be Senator from Santiago is Hippo himself; apparently Victor Mendez, a fellow PPH/PRD member is willing to transfer his post to him. In addition, other Senators are willing to allow Hernani Salazar, Eligio Jaquez and Guido Gomez Mazara, three as undesirable Dominicans as there could be, to take over their Senate posts to enjoy parliamentary immunity which would stop any judicial proceedings against them for their abuses while in power. This would cover them at least through 2006, since the PPH/PRD has control of the Legislative branch until the next election in 2 years, when we hope they will be thrown out.

One more dirty trick by these hoodlums. However, they can postpone it but hopefully will have to answer to the people some time in the future.