Holiday illness victims win ?2.5m compensation


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Dec 9, 2002
It skirts around the issue of the actual cause of the poisoning.

The one and only commenter has no doubts - it's them dirty foreigners:
It's amazing, isn't it, that a trip to the third world for a cheap holiday should end in illness. In other news, bear found defecating adjacent to large conifer.
Were people going on honeymoon to the Dominican Republic for the culture and the vibrant night life? For the rich political history? Or because, as a third world country desperate for foreign exchange and lacking obvious resources to sell, it's happy to operate hotels on slave labour wages for anyone who reckons that an extra few hours on the plane is worth it for cheap accommodation at the end?
Anyone who honeymoons somewhere that has a per-capita GDP of $8100 is doing so because it's cheap. Sometimes, cheap hotels in the third world will cause you a problem. Why do you think it was cheap?