Hotel/resort recommendation?


Jan 2, 2002
Those hotels on the Malecon are fine for business travellers and people who want to stay in the hotel all the time and need a room which looks like every other hotel room in the US. But, you have to get a taxi to go anywhere, it's a good 30 mins walk into the Colonial Zone. The Colonial Zone is a much better bet if you want to see a bit of the real Dom Rep and mooch around bars and restaurants, shops, museums, galleries. All very safe.
Wrong. The Malecon is beautiful for a morning or evening stroll and the Colonial Zone is a short 10 minute walk.
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Jan 7, 2021
I am sounding more like a broken record, but the Colonial Zone is for me... Hotel Conde Penalba at the Park Colon has been my go to place for 11 years. Our company booked me once at another Resort Casino hotel and I reverted back to CZ.
Safe, great food and lots of restaurants in the area.
My evenings on the balcony with imported Wines and cheese side ordered with fresh fruit...all available within a 5 minute walk on the conde.
Just talked myself into returning for another visit soon.
I love that hotel.
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Jan 9, 2009
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OK however there are few if any people. i.e at Jaragua you can hang at the lobby bar where you will hang w people. They even throw parties on weekends in the banquet halls that the guests attend. At thos establishments yes perhaps there is a small bar or comedor, but chances are you will be the only one there, no way to spend a vacation. I am giving the OP unbiased advice. Yours looks to be steering him in your direction.
As they say, "And that's what makes horse races". A single guy is looking for a different vacation than a family, who want something different than a young couple, who want something different than a retired couple. Stop looking at this as what YOU want, and let others present other options without your agenda being pushed on them.


Apr 1, 2013
Hi! I'm looking for a hotel/resort in Santo Domingo within taxi distance of SDQ (preferably with a shuttle). My priorities are clean beds and food included. I don't care about night life, drinks, or even the scenery too much.

I stayed at several about 10 years ago, but I've been out of the area
If you are looking for a hotel with food included, nearby SDQ the best option is Emotions in Juan Dolio, Facilities are new, 3 years old including the 1 year closed because the covid so we could say is 2 years old, Hamaca in Boca Chica has a lot bad reviews, Coral Costa Caribe in Juan Dolio needs to improve a lot more and update their facilities.

I know you want food inclued but anyway will tell If you are looking for an all inclusive near to SDQ best I recomend is Emotions, If you want stay in the city the Colonial Zone in Santo Domingo could be best option as will be planty of options for places where to eat and see and can go walking.

Malecon Area the options are good, Sheraton has good reviews, and if you like to walk we can say Colonial Zone is not that far between 20 to 30 min walking, basicalle all hotesl in Malecon Area are good option, from all of them we could say that Napolitano that is the closest one to Colonial Zone in start is under of the level of the rest the hotels in front of the Caribeean sea has better location.

Embassy suits by Hilton, Intercontinental, JW Marriot, and all others in the bussines district all up to date in the facilities and you will need a taxi to move arround in the city if want to see intrest spots in Santo Domingo.