Hoy: Complicity of politicians and military destroys Las Dunas de Baní natural reserve


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Feb 20, 2019

A report on 22 May 2023 in Hoy newspaper blames the political and military complicity for the continued destruction of the natural reserves known as the Dunes of Baní. The article says that the destruction of the ecological sanctuary results from the historical complicity between politicians, powerful people, the military and civil servants. It says some people seek to buy votes, others receive bribes to turn a blind eye to the situation, and that there has been a lack of political will to act.

Listin Diario has been reporting on the destruction for the Dunes for years. Hoy joins the Listin Diario in the campaign, urging the ministries of Environment and Tourism to take action to stop degrading the protected areas and the buffer zones. The Ministry of Defense has not been mentioned in the reports, neither the Armada that has a base in the vicinity.

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