I need an Honest Lawyer



Can anyone reccommend a lawyer or law firm that can help my girlfriend secure a visa to come visit me in the U.S. Thanks Alex


Honest lawyer, is that possible? With the police and justice system being so corrupt in the DR, an honest lawyer wouldn't make it very far.


You can contact Dr. Elis Jimenez Moquete at 651 Arz. Portes, tel. (809) 688-0964. He's a criminal attorney, but may be able to give you a referral. He's been an honest practicing attorney for more than 30 years. I know, he's my uncle :) Hope this helps.

Regards, Natasha

Jack Wampler

My recommendation is Fabio Guzman. I recommend him highly. He has multiple offices throughout the DR. You can reach him at www.drlawyer.com

Fabio J. Guzman

You don't need a Dominican lawyer for this. U. S. immigration matters are governed by U.S. immigration law not by Dominican law. A Dominican lawyer does not know and cannot practice U.S. immigration law. All he would be able to do would be to act as a very expensive facilitator. I would suggest, therefore, that if you require a lawyer, you should look for an American one.

I know I should not be posting this comment. I am a Dominican lawyer, and like lawyers everywhere, I am supposed to act my normal greedy, despicable and dishonest self. It must be the time of the day.

Experienced Legal Client

If you are looking for an "Honest" lawyer, look someplace other than the Dominican Republic,...one doesn't exist here. Get a lawyer/law firm from your own country that deals with immigration to help you. I speak from experience,...the lawyers here are WORSE than the politicians. The ONLY thing they are good at are EMPTY promises and taking your money for NOTHING but a bunch of hot air.