ICE-- in case of emergency


Dec 11, 2003
In the States we use the acronym ICE on our cell phones to indicate who should be called "in case of emergency"---

I carry a long list of numbers both in my wallet (NOW!) and listed with friends and family.

But I wonder if there should be some sort of system here on DR1.-- some sort of "net" that we could use for someone who is perhaps a newbie, or living in a place without a lot of expats?

I am mindful of our missing member and note that no one where I live would actually KNOW that I missing within a few days. I do try inform someone when I travel about but when I am at home, there is no one who would know.

What about the rest of you... Do you feel covered?


RIP Lindsay
Sep 13, 2006
I have SOS on my phone. You press the volume keys 3 times and automatically the SOS numbers you have nominated sound an alarm. The recipient phone then rings your phone silently, your phone answers automatically and they can here everything that is going on. it's not a posh phone - just a Samsung cheapie!!

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Aug 9, 2006
I scan everything (passport, birth certificate, health card, insurance, flight and travel info, contacts) and email a PDF to myself and my family. I also bring photocopies of certain ID to carry, leaving the real ones in a hotel safe.

Recently I created detailed instructions for my daughter, so that she'll have something to follow in the event of my death complete with happy faces beside the instructions. I discussed them with her and she knows where to find them.

I have an I.C.E. number in my cell at home but I'd like to prepare for travel emergencies complete with contact numbers for National Police, consular authorities, search and rescue, investigators, so this thread is a great idea.

Here's a link to the Canadian government site with some tips on emergencies:

Before You Go
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Oct 18, 2004
I think that it is important to note that being prepared in case of an emergency does not mean that the DR is a particularly dangerous place. However, I am grateful that mountainannie has started this threat to give us all ideas as to how we can be better at alerting our love ones of where we are in our travels around the DR, and how our love ones can trace our movement in the event of a problem. I regularly give my itinerary to my family before going to the DR, but I have not provided the additional information that Matilda and Margaret have suggested and I will certainly do so now. Thanks!