Immigration Law & Overstay Tourist Visa 🇺🇸

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Jan 2, 2007
Good evening.

DR Immigration Legal question 🇺🇸 :

So Let me get this straight and correct me if am Mistaken for a US CITIZEN who overstay his Tourist Visa ( 30 days plus ) his or hers penalties is to pay a overstay penalty at airport when he leaves ✈️ that will vary depending on how long was the overstay , correct ? ….. HOWEVER if the same situation occurs to a HAITIAN tourist his consequences are to go to jail? Per example if he has an encounter with law enforcement or immigration officer while his on DR streets past his tourist visa expiration date , like he gets into a traffic violation and during the paperwork of getting ticketing ( sanction ) the officer finds out he overstays his tourist visa

And by the way is the us citizen ilegal in the DR while overstaying his tourist visa ? Or what exactly is his immigration status after 2 months on DR , is he an ilegal alien ?Regardless if the US-citizen has more the enough money to people his overstay whenever he decides to depart the country

PS ::::: and yes I know that is being talk about on DR1 how US-citizen all they got to do is pay at the airport for overstay and be on their way …. I am referring on what exactly the law says and what exactly is their legal status from day 1 of overstay to the day the go to the airport and pay to leave at DR CUSTOMS/ immigration
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