Inabie director says companies had to pass inspection to present bids


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Feb 20, 2019

The director of the National Student Welfare Institute (Inabie), Victor Castro explained that before authorizing a company to participate in a tender for public school breakfasts or luncheons, Inabie inspectors visited the facilities of the company to see for themselves if they were fit to participate in the tender.

Castro was appointed to the position after the first director, Cecilio Rodríguez Montás, was removed following months of protests by state suppliers. Rodríguez Montás had been appointed in August 2020 with the change of government. As the corruption claims exploded in the media and social media, the Ministry of Education under Roberto Furcal said it would investigate. Instead, President Luis Abinader felt the evidence of the irregularities was enough for him and replaced the entire staff at the Inabie, appointing Victor Castro, a former president of the...

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