Indian night at El Kiosko

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Sep 20, 2009
Last evening was Indian cuisine night at El Kiosko bar/ restaurant.
Only on reservation as it was for the birthday of Evelyn so they wanted to do something special for their regular customers.

I do not really know the Indian cuisine because never got around to visit India and Belgium is not known for its Indian restaurants.

I recognized the Indian spices (went to Sri Lanka and although that cuisine cannot touch Indian food, they use the same spices).
Appetizer was a fried dough filled with spicy minced beef?, main course was a selection of a stew of beef?, a piece of very tender pork,a chicken leg which was deliciously spiced, a vegetable ragout with again different lovely spices and rice. Desert was a warm spicy rice pudding with raisins and almonds in it.

I thought it was delicious as I ate my whole plate as a good girl and that doesn't happen often and the dessert was gone in a minute.

If enough people found it good, they would make it a special once in a month with different courses then. I hope they do and Tika Massala will be on the menu one of those days then also.

Good job, El Kiosko and thank you to the Indian lady who cooked that evening for them.

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