Insights into the first settlers of the island of Santo Domingo


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Feb 20, 2019

The Museum of Dominican Man is hosting the 8th Museum of Dominican Museum of Man Congress of Archaeology and Anthropology from 12 to 15 October 2022. The presentations are scheduled to take place at the Museum of Modern Art in Plaza de la Cultura, Santo Domingo, next door to the Museum of Dominican Man. This year, the congress is dedicated to historian and economist Bernardo Vega.

The program primarily focuses on presenting advances in important archaeological finds in recent years on the island.

As reported, congress attendants will be able to make a site inspection of the El Pozito cemetery site in Las Galeras, Samana. A presentation of new data from this Samana Archaic Age site is on the congress program. The program says Francesco Genchi, G. Tursi, S. Botta, E. Cristiani, R. Rimoli, Clenis Tavarez and A. Coppa are presenting the findings.

Genchi is an...

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