Jamao Waterfalls

Aug 21, 2007
Wasn't sure where to share this, so I will just go with the general forum.

Someone I did not know from Canada contacted me last winter regarding things to do with their kids who love adventure. Come to find out, their family has a YouTube channel with thousands of subscribers. They post "shows" of adventures they go on with their kids. The father produces the "show" and is quite talented!

I suggested to them that they book a tour with Jamao EcoTours

They came up to Jamao, their boys taught a science lesson to our mini engineers class and then they took the tour. Their "show" is now live on YouTube. It is a kids-type show, but when you watch it, you can see the breathtaking natural beauty in Jamao. Some DR1 members have written to me asking about hiking and cascading without a tour guide. Watch the video (to the end) and decide for yourself.

Enjoy!!!! It's the River and Wilder Show.



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Apr 12, 2019
Boca Chica
I don't know. I think one or 2 more cups of coffee and this ol' fart is ready!

I wrote this this morning after watching 2 minutes of the vid. After watching more, I'm changing my mind. I'm way to afraid of falling and I'm not that steady on my feet any more. Actually, I never was but it's worsened with age. It still looks like fun though!
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