Jarabacoa Golf Club Condition?


Apr 11, 2004
I am well aware of the rulebook....
remember , there is no penalty for playing out of turn...

My friend who started this question, Tom Paul, has taken it to the Head of the USGA Rules Committee who has refused to state what you state.

As I said, after years of discussion no definitive answer.
A grey area, so to speak.

Another of golf's little curiosities......

Are you serious, or know the first thing about golf at all? YOU WILL NEVER SEE ANYONE IN ANY USGA TOURNAMENT NOT ADHERE TO THE RULES QUOTED IN MY POST.

Now I figured out how you have 12,736 posts. No need to know anything, just post your thoughts.
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Jan 18, 2012
Just my luck.

As soon as we got there it started to rain. I didn't wanted to play with hearing distant thunder. But my wife insisted and around 4th hole my wife started regretting it, but we managed 9 holes. She did ok considering everything was soaking wet she just have to work on short games. And since we were soaked, we didn't stopped by the rib place, but I doubt its going to be our last visit, so ribs would have to wait until next time.

Everyone's right, it's short but very good tight course.
We had great time.

I heard there is good chivo place nearby, anyone have suggestion?