Jolly Roger Yippee--Yahoo--Bingo anyone?


Apr 30, 2009
Copy from the Facebook post of Jolly Roger

Yippee--Yahoo--Bingo anyone? Next Tuesday--April 29th--2pm--Jolly Roger Bingo at the Bourbon Street Bar & Grill. They are located within Victoria House--next to Sosua Bay. We miss everyone way too much and this will be a great chance to get together, have a few drinks, and maybe win a little cash. The jackpot stands at $28400 in 59 calls. The owner has agreed to let us use this space until the Jolly opens again. I was there today and there was a beautiful breeze coming off the Ocean. See you then folks! Cheers!

Black Dog

May 29, 2009
I'm glad you've said where the Bourbon Street bar & Grill is! I had a very nice flyer delivered to my office, quality glossy card, full colour print on both sides, the food sounds great and the prices look good but there was no mention of where it is located and no contact details whatsoever! What a waste of money!!! But now I know thanks to you :)